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” Every  new business pitch should do three things: inform, educate and entertain. “

Steve Jobs



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Creating Successful Strategies Since 1999

We have traveled widely all around the world. Experienced all kinds of cultures and we love contribute to the success of our clients.
We work around the clock, we are passionate about our projects, and we communicate well because you want smart people working for you.

Financial Advice

We carry out individualy created strategies based on each customer’s individual needs

Investment Planning

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Safe And Secure

We can develop your safety and security plan using the following five steps: assess, adopt, access, alert and audit.

Making an Impact Across the Globe with loyalty

We believe in loyalty meaning we represent ONE BRAND only from every industry.

Leader in Long term relation and planning

We work with various premium brands and strong investors. We consider that the interconnection with some fields will ensure a new base of quality endusers.


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Average invest per year

New projects

English language education in Africa using NLP

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The Right Choice

Join our team, let’s grow together.

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A Leader In The Loyalty

We are an independent public relations and strategic communication agency, which offers the right mix of advice and services.

Creative Team

How small we are, so flexible, so dedicated and proactive: like a real boutique.

Zsuzsanna Mastalli

Zsuzsanna Mastalli


Zsófia Rainer

Zsófia Rainer

Account manager

Kiss Daniella

Kiss Daniella

Junior manager

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